August 11, 2009

Physical Education at Athens Academy

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Welcome to the Athens Academy Physical Education Department Web Site. We appreciate your interest and assistance as we strive to educate students about the many facets of physical wellness. Please click the categories to the right to learn more about the department, its programs, and other items of interest.

Class Activity Grid 2009-2010

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February 12, 2008

Elite Fleet/ Muscle Mania

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February 6, 2008

President's Challenge Fitness Award Winners

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Fall 2007

Web Sites with Valuable Information about Nutrition

Physical wellness is made up of many components. One very important aspect of physical wellness is proper nutrition. Many studies are now showing a significant link between nutrition and physical/mental performance. The links listed below contain interesting information on the topic of nutrition:

US Dept. of Agriculture: Food and Nutrition This is a great site for information about nutrition, nutritional information about various food sources, and links to other nutrition sites.
National Strength Coaches' Association This is a great site for some of the science behind nutrition. How do muscles work? What types of foods are essential to muscle growth, repair, and function?
UGA Sports Nutrition Web Site This is the sports nutrition site run by Ruth Taylor for the student athletes at UGA. It contains a tremendous amount of information about nutrition which is geared toward student athletes. If has tips about eating right, meal ideas, what to do when eating out, and how to eat for physical and academic success. Excellent!
Sports Medicine Article on Pre-Event Eating This is a sports medicine article about when and what to eat before athletic competition. It has some great information on what to do long-term and short-term before a competition.
Pre-Game and Practice Nutrition This is a web site run by the University of Illinois which contains some general ideas on pre-event and pre-practice nutrition and also contains some sample meal plans.
Australian Institute for Sports Web Site. This web site is geared toward athletes in the Australian national athletic program. It contains nutritional guidelines and recipes which are geared toward athletic performance.The recipe ideas are extremely varied. They are simple, easy to make, are athlete-friendly, and each recipe also contains a quick guide to the nutrition contained in it. Outstanding!!!
Nestle Sports Nutrition Web Site. This site is run by the Nestle Company which is a partner with the Australian Institute for Sport. It is Excellent!!! It covers all the major topics of sports nutrition, provides outstanding educational material, and presents 3 cookbooks which were written for Australian athletes. They contain easy to make recipes which are rated by nutritional content.

Read The Label: Many items in the grocery store or fast food restaurant appear to be similar. Looking at the label, however, can reveal some major differences. Making changes to use more nutritious options can result in hundreds or thousands of calories saved over the course of a month without traditional dieting. Here are some examples from the book Eat this Not that by David Zinczenko.

September 12, 2007

PE News

**Athens Academy has just been awarded the State Championship in fitness for the 2007-2008 school year by the President's Challenge Physical Activity and Fitness Council. This marks the sixth consecutive year Athens Academy has won this award. Congratulations to all the students past and present whose hard work and goal setting has led to this recognition. Great job, Spartans!!!

**Athens Academy has been named a demonstration center by the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports based on the quality of the physical education program and the school's commitment to physical activity and fitness.

**New Study Proves Physically Fit Kids Perform Better Academically:The study was conducted by the California Department of Education in 2002 and shows a distinct relationship between academic achievement and physical fitness. The study contains several interesting conclusions including the fact that students who met minimum fitness levels in three or more physical fitness areas showed the greatest gains in academic achievement. "This study provides compelling evidence that the physical well-being of students has a direct impact on their ability to achieve academically......Thousands of years the Greeks understood the importance of improving spirit, mind, body...The research presented here validates their philosophic approach with scientific validation." The study can be seen at the Sportime web site or on the NASPE web site.

**Another study finds that participation in vigorous physical activity enhances academic performance. The study was published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise and states that...."Students who engaged in vigorous physical least 20 minutes per day, three days per week, were found to have higher test scores." The study also found that mere attendance in a physical education program did not produce this result. The student needed to take part in vigorous exercise. It is comforting to note that our physical education program at Athens Academy meets and surpasses this "threshold level of activity". A snyposis of this research appears in the January 2007 issue of The Journal of Physical Educatiuon, Recreation, and Dance.

**Intramural Standings for 2006-2007: Braves pts , Falcons pts. , Hawks pts , Thrashers pts .
**With the advent of colder weather, please make sure that your children have appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. Many physical education classes continue to meet outdoors during the winter months.
**Please remember that required equipment for physical education classes consists of an Athens Academy tee shirt, dark green shorts, white socks, and athletic shoes. We would also ask you to make sure that your child's name is printed in or on all clothing. Each year we find many shirts and shorts with no name on them.

**The Spring 2006 fitness testing produced 118 Presidential award winners and 277 award winners overall. Overall 70% of students tested received national or presidential recognition. Two (2) new school records were set during the testing period. The average student was able to do 42 sit-ups, reach 4.6 inches, complete 29 push-ups, run a 10.5 shuttle run, and ran an 8:12 mile.In a very close contest the 5th grade was able to edge the 6th grade by a mark of 78% to 73% for the middle school fitness award. The middle school average was 73 %---a remarkable number and a great testament to the hard work of the students. The 2nd grade posted a mark of 70% of students receiving recognition to win the lower school award. We wish to commend all students for their hard work, and we hope that they will continue to set great fitness goals for themselves. A number of students set personal highs for themselves during this testing period. We look forward to even more great things next spring, and we wish to applaud all students for setting high standards and working to do their best. Keep working hard.

AA Fitness Records

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Fall 2008