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Time Doesn't Fly When You're Flying

July 19, 2011- July 21, 2011

We started our journey at 7 a.m. in Athens, Georgia and traveled for forty-two hours, forty-five minutes and forty-two seconds before arriving in Thiruvanathapuram, India. To begin with, we arrived at the airport in Atlanta, checked in, and successfully went through security. We didn’t realize that our flight to Chicago was just the beginning of the longest trip we have ever been on. Thankfully, that first flight only lasted for two hours. Our layover of three hours and forty minutes in Chicago was quite enjoyable, as we ate our last gourmet American meal at Chili’s. The group went on an adventure around the airport and scavenged for salty pretzel and caramelized apples.

Our next destination was Frankfurt, Germany, and we jumped for joy for our seven hours and thirty minute flight and a layover of six hours and ten minutes before we flew to Bangaluru Airport in Bangalore. During the flight, MacKinsey, Houston, and I tried to waste time by watching two movies, but that only wasted three and a half hours out of the total seven. At last, we arrived in Frankfurt and immediately ran to the bathroom to refresh ourselves. Then, after a short ten minutes of adjusting, we all found satisfaction in the rigid terminal chairs (at least they weren’t moving and had plenty of room).

Boarding for Bangaluru was a great scene. We knew we were going to the right place because we were surrounded by Indians. That flight was about eight hours and forty minutes of restless sleep. At this point we realized we were ready to arrive at our destination; however we also realized we were only 2/3 into the journey. In Bangaluru, the girls played cards for five hours straight, while the boys slept and read. From Bangaluru we flew to Thiruvanathapuram. From there we had a two hour bus ride to Nagercoil where we arrived at our wonderful hotel. Once the rooming situation was figured out and our bellies were filled with our first Indian meal, our heads hit our pillows and off to sleep we fell.

Thananya Kerdpoka, Class of 2013


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