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The Joys of Real Beds (although rock hard) and Real Meals

July 21, 2011

Our first day in India was chock-full of two thrilling events: sleeping and eating. Once arriving at our hotel (after a two-hour, 30 minute ride from the airport), we found comfort in the thought of rooms and beds, two things we had been deprived of for much too long. However, we found each room had only a single bed (coming in, we thought each consisted of three beds). Of course at this point, I’m thinking of some good cuddling time with CJ and Mr. Watson. But, we ended up getting extra mattresses for all. One of the girls’ rooms has two beds and a mattress on the floor, while the other has a single bed and a mattress. Meanwhile, my room has a bed and two mattresses on the floor.

After the rooming situation had been resolved, we showered and prepared for our first Indian meal (and for many, our first true meal in two days). Everyone was pleasantly surprised by the hotel’s excellent cuisine. Lunch segued perfectly into a siesta. Even though the beds were quite rigid, nobody had much trouble falling right into their naps. In order to help adjust to the new time zone, we planned to awake for dinner at 7pm.

But, the next peep I heard was at 10pm when Mr. Watson gave us the option for more sleep or a late dinner: we had overslept our meal. All of us were so exhausted, we voted for further snoozing. Once midnight struck, CJ found me up messing around on my iPod. I was happy to see another person tired of sleeping. Mr. Watson also happened to be up. After a little chatting, the three of us decided to go down to the lobby to use the computer. We also reminded ourselves to take malaria medicine.

At 2:30, the three musketeers took the elevator back to the room. CJ and Mr. Watson slept well (I know because of CJ’s snoring!). I was done with my dozing for a bit, so I remained wide awake. All of us, though, were prepared for our first REAL day of adventures in India when the alarm clock rang at 7am!

Houston Gaines, Class of 2013


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