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April 7, 2011

Coach's Spotlight - Stefan Billmayer


1. Name: Stefan Billmayer

2. Hometown: Huntsville, Alabama

3. College(s):
University of Alabama Huntsville,
University of Georgia

4. Years at Athens Academy: 9

5. Family: My wife Betsy is also a teacher at Athens Academy; teaching 2nd grade
I have three boys, also at Athens Academy.
Alex - 7th grade
Nicholas - 4th grade
Hanns - Kindergarten

6. Memorable high school moment: Well . . . barring graduation, the senior prom, and countless adventures with friends and teammates out of school, I would have to recall memorizing the entire"Prologue" from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales on a challenge from my senior English teacher Dr. Schnell. After performing it in the hall for her and any that passed by, I knew that I was destined for literature . . . WHAN that Aprille with his shoures soote. The droghte of Marche hath perced to the roote, And bathed every veyne in swich licour, Of which vertu engendred is the flour . . .

7. What was the color and model of your 1st car and what do you remember about it?
My first car was a white 1971 MG Midget. It was in great shape including spoke wheels and a roll bar. Being a British car, it needed weekly maintenance that taught me patience and how to work with my hands. I'm not sure my German engineer father loved it as much as I did.

8. How do you like to spend your free time?
When I'm not coaching the high school boys, I love to coach my own boys on their club teams. I'm always looking for a good hike in the mountains or spending time at the lake with my family.

9. What is your “Special Spartan Moment”?

Hmm . . . as a teacher and coach, how do you have just one? I truly have many, but I suppose it is quite rewarding to see kids that I have taught and/or coached graduate. A graduating student is such a collective effort of all the teachers, parents, administrators and staff. I makes me proud to know that I contribute a piece of each student's potential to become whatever they set their minds to.

One moment that I will forever remember was this past year's game against former state champion Thomasville High School. On one hand, a 1-0 loss in the final minutes of the game for a Final Four slot was devastating, but on the other, I knew that we outplayed them throughout the match and witnessed incredible, heart, character, skill, and determination from our Athens Academy boys

10. What would you consider to be unique about Athens Academy?

Athens Academy is a school dedicated the individual growth of each student. There are so many great teachers at this school who really make a personal effort to make sure each student is getting what they need to become successful. As a father of three Athens Academy Spartans, I am thrilled they are here!

11. What subject(s) do you teach?
I teach 8th grade English.

12. What do you enjoy about your academic discipline?

Through literature I love to help 8th grade students realize that the world is a vast place full of joy and sometimes heartache. Getting them to view their world critically and analytically is the part I enjoy the most.

13. What sport(s) do you coach?

I am the head coach of the varsity boys soccer team.

April 28, 2011

Coach's Spotlight - Steve Stewart


1. Name: Steve Stewart

2. Hometown: Pineville, Ky.

3. College(s): Brevard College, Brevard N.C.
George Mason University, Fairfax Va.
University of Florida, the "real" Gainesville

4. Years at Athens Academy: 10

5. Family: My daughter, Whitney, is currently a freshman at Athens Academy

My older brother and his family still live where we grew up in Vero Beach, Florida and my 9 year old niece goes to my old school which is very much like Athens Academy

6. Memorable high school athletic moment:
For me my most memorable athletic moment was from college I think, not high school... we played Presbyterian in S.C. in my first game of college soccer and we drew but I scored a goal from 35 yds. against the wind. Any other day it would have gone over the goal I think but I acted as if I intended the dip at the end. I was not well practiced at celebration though...

7. What was the color and model of your 1st car and what do you remember about it?
My first car was a 1965 VolksWagon beetle. I paid for it with cash from my first job. It was "primer" red and had the gas tank in the front under the hood. The passenger-side door had badly rusted hinges so I had it welded shut. This produced an authentic NASCAR entry feeling for the passengers going in and out through the window.

It was clearly a "chick-magnet" during my senior year of high school!

8. How do you like to spend your free time?
What is this?

9. What is your “Special Spartan Moment”?
My third year at the school, I was with the girls' soccer program and we were heading to Brookstone to play the state semi-finals. We probably were the top team in the state in all classifications and had five Division I players, two of which were the strikers. Both had missed the Brookstone match the previous year for vacation and suspension when we had played the same team and won 3-0. Prior to the play-off game, I talked to both coaches from the opposing team and they were both very confident that a year later they could beat our team. I realized that they had no idea what was about to occur...we were up 9-0 just after halftime...and we could have won by the mercy rule. They asked after the game where the two girls who created so many goals had come from, I just said "oh, that's right you didn't see them last year."

10. What would you consider to be unique about Athens Academy?
The size of the school and the individual experience that each student receives make this a great place.

11. What subject(s) do you teach?
U.S. History
Political Science

12. What do you enjoy about your academic discipline?
Since every other discipline is merely a subordinate course for History, everything relates to what we learn. It makes the study of the humanities very relevant for the students.

13. What sport(s) do you coach?
Girls Soccer

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